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Is Uber on a Collision Course?

June 16, 2017

Uber is now known just as much for its scandals as it
is for its cheap rides. Why do things continue to go
terribly wrong at the San Francisco ride-sharing
company whose CEO was just caught on camera in a heated
argument over money with one of his drivers? Gerald
Leonard, a Washington, D.C.-based consultant on
corporate culture, says you don’t have to be a fan or
critic of Uber to learn from its mistakes; these
include an aggressive and unrestrained culture where
harassment and phobias were ignored. Leonard says the
company lacks the vision and values to put its
employees and customers first that would have prompted
management to openly address its problems at the first
sign of trouble. As more customers continue to delete
their Uber accounts, Leonard can share the three
unifying principles that are hallmarks of great company
culture and why so many companies fail the test. He is
the author of “Culture is the Bass: 7 Principles for
Developing a Culture That Works.”